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KJMB Solutions, Inc. is a technology consulting firm specializing in the management of full lifecycle application and database development, quality assurance, secure web hosting, training, and customer support. We succeed at understanding each of our clients’ short and long term goals and implementing solutions that assist them in achieving these goals. We work with government agencies, non-profits, behavioral health programs, hospitals, and corporations across a wide variety of industries such as health care services, behavioral health, community assistance, and worker opportunity tax credit programs. Our solutions are built to quickly meet the short term goals of a client and engineered to meet the demands of the future, ensuring long term success. Our people and our proven processes can be applied to any project, solution, or industry. Our success comes from thoroughly understanding the needs of our clients, building solid solutions, thoroughly testing each solution prior to implementation, providing structured trainings, and supporting the end users to ensure successful implementations.SERVICES...

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Help Me Grow has worked with KJMB Solutions staff since 2007 and we have been tremendously pleased with the professional, responsive and personalized service we have received from KJMB solutions. They helped design, develop and launch a customized System for Tracking Access to Referrals (STAR) that is user-friendly for the entire Help Me Grow team. We found KJMB easy to work with as they listened to our needs and developed a system that provides live data that is tailored to our outcomes reporting."

Rebecca Hernandez, MSEd
Program Manager
Help Me Grow Orange County


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